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Go Crabbing

Catch your dinner at Pacifica pier during crabbing season (November through January).

Bring a crab net, some bait (sardines, mackerel or squid) a rope, and a crab gauge for measuring the crab’s length. You don't need a fishing license and two nets/poles per person are allowed. The limit is 10 Dungeness crabs per day and the body (minus the legs) must be at least 5 3/4 inches across.

Directions: From southbound State 1 in Pacifica, take the Paloma Ave/Francisco Blvd. exit; turn right and drive 1/4 mile to Beach Blvd.; turn left and park near the pier. Crab nets can be purchased at Rusty Hook Bait & Tackle in Pacifica. 2120 Palmetto Ave.

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2 of 5 stars: Mediocre janreny (0)
31 Mar 2012
Why Pacifica? In the city, Baker beach, Cissdy Pier, many spots, all can do the same. Crabbing for fun, also enjoy the beautiful SF from waterfront is a experience for lifetime!

Author: kara (65)
Avg. Rating: 2 of 5 stars (1 rating)
Added: 7 Aug 2003


   2120 Palmetto Ave
   Pacifica, CA
   View Map

   South Bay


   0-2 Hours


   Winter (Dec - Feb) - Mid-November through June

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